APEX 7 – High Altitude Research Expedition

Who will use these patches?

The APEX 7 team comprises a dedicated group of medical students from the University of Edinburgh organizing a high-altitude research expedition to Bolivia scheduled for June/July 2025. The team includes David Geddes and Cameron Norton as Expedition Leaders, Anya Tan as the Head of Research, Colette Revadillo in charge of Communications and Publicity, Ella Andrea and Ella McElnea overseeing Volunteers and Wellbeing, and Ben Harrison and Camille Maezelle as Heads of Funding, Grants, and Sponsorship. Their collective passion for high-altitude medicine and commitment to fostering a supportive community is evident as they prepare for the expedition and aim to further the understanding of altitude’s impact on the human body.

About round embroidered patch

The primary background is dark blue, which features text and symbols in a lighter blue and white. The text reads “ALTITUDE PHYSIOLOGY EXPEDITIONS APEX 7 BOLIVIA 2025”, arranged in a circle along the edge of the patch. Inside the circle is a stylized representation of a mountain with a white peak against a blue sky. The sky is divided by a white line, representing the horizon or a division between the earth and the sky—the line also represents a physiological waveform (likely representing an electrocardiogram or similar) overlaying the mountain’s base.

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Embroidery quality

The patch has a clear and legible font, a coherent colour scheme, and a solid central image that is likely symbolic of the mission or purpose of the “APEX 7” expedition. The graphic elements, such as the mountain, stars, and waveform, are well-embroidered and distinct. Clean and tight embroidery, well-defined edges, and a consistent border are there.

The patch’s circular shape is typical for expedition and mission patches, as it frames the content neatly and is visually pleasing. The colour contrast between the dark blue background and the lighter blue and white embroidery helps the elements to stand out and improves the legibility of the text. 

What does the pattern mean?

The symbols are appropriate for the theme of an altitude expedition, suggesting mountains, stars, and scientific measurement or health monitoring, which is relevant to physiology studies at high altitudes.

The use of symbolism, like the mountain for the expedition and the waveform for physiology, suggests that this patch is for a scientific or research expedition focused on the study of human physiological responses to high-altitude environments, and the specific reference to Bolivia and the year 2025 indicates the location and time of the expedition.