Praise NHS workers with Rainbow Patches – 100% donation

The exponential growth of people infected with COVID-19 since last February caused a shortage of many medical products and resources. That has happened both in the UK and in the rest of the world. Much of the region’s hospitals began to experience a lack of these resources. That began to generate despair and uncertainty in doctors, nurses, and … Read more

Production of Medical Resources Against COVID-19

Every day the number of people infected and killed by COVID-19 is increasing more and more both in the UK and worldwide. The British Government claims that the virus has affected between 5,000 and 10,000 people. The affected numbers increase every day. That has caused uncertainty, tension, exhaustion and, above all, concern among hospital professionals. … Read more

There is no Planet B – join the charity event

Patchion is mainly known for the custom badges and embroidered patches work, but are also committed to the challenges we face as a society and as inhabitants of the planet Earth. The time to start taking action against climate change is now, as every year that we miss that opportunity, the temperatures become more extreme, … Read more

Embroidered Logo of Cheeky Neurons

What a perfect way of spread awareness about brains, neurons & epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological illness that affects 1 percent of the people – most of whom are kids. But, online information that’s targeted at describing epilepsy to kids has been missing. That is what Nix and Nellie wish to modify. By helping kids … Read more

International Astronomical Youth Camp

International Astronomical Youth Camp – IAYC ¬†is a few weeks long mid summer camp. What do they do? They promote knowledge of astronomy in a perfect way. ¬†Sciences subject in a unique international atmosphere. We made nice embroidered patches for them. Those patches are round 3″ in diameter. Red merrow border. You can see inscription … Read more

The National Trust patches – 100% donation for charity


We have produced The National Trust embroidered patches. Their logo (the oak twig) and “National Trust” are on a green background. Those emblems are finished with a green merrow border. They all have special iron-on backing so they can be attached easily. The National Trust charity “works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces … Read more

We support BBRF

bbrf badges

We support BBRF for a few years. Another set of their cool patches was dispatched recently to Northampton UK . You can get one directly from The British Biker Relief Foundation website. Those patches are custom shape. Round part shows BBRF logo, the rocker part says MEMBER. They are all black background with black merrow … Read more