Sigillum Episcopos coat of arms

The Sigillum Episcopos James Bryan custom embroidered patch features the dignified Bishop James Bryan sigil. It has a pointed oval shape. That patch prominently features the James Bryan coat of arms, along with an ancient longsword behind it. The words Sigillum Episcopos cover the left side of the emblem, while James Bryan’s name fills the … Read more

Embroidered Family Crests & Coat of Arms

We produce highest quality embroidered Heraldry, Crests and Coat of Arms. Depends on your needs, those emblems could be very large and also small patches. Family crest is a sign of your ancestry and family. ┬áThe Coat of Arms is sign of your organization, city, country, university or team. Coat of Arms is also popular … Read more

Detailed Embroidery of Coat of Arms

Are you hunting for a dependable and trustworthy company that can produce for you quality custom embroidered coat of arms? If so, we are here to help. Our company Patchion which is situated in the United Kingdom specialises in making top-notch coat of arm embroidered patches. Extremely appealing products that can perfectly suit the different … Read more