Widows Sons Scotland – North

Patches are among the most versatile forms of expression. You can use them to customise your clothing and accessories in a variety of ways, from affixing them to backpacks to proclaim personal interests to wearing them as badges to show group affiliation. Embroidered patches perform these functions best, showcasing superior quality, workmanship, and durability compared … Read more

Moto Skull

Couple of round Moto Skull badges. Patches represent the cracky skull, where instead of crossed bones there are two pistons from motorcycle engines. In the upper part decorative/fancy Moto Skull lettering. If you need motorcycle patches with your own logo, contact us today. We make motorcycle emblems also for ironing and Velcro. Possible merrow border. … Read more

Trike Week 2016

The patch produced for the event taking place in Poland at Coast of Baltic Sea. There is “Trike Week” inscription at the top of the badge and Motorized Trike ( three-wheeled vehicles use the same technology as motorcycles ). The red sunset in the background. Patch is made as custom shape. It is cut to the logo. Here … Read more

Motorcycle Event in Poland – Bystrzyca Kłodzka

This is embroidered patch made specially for Motorcycle Rally in Bystrzyca Kłodzka (Poland). Event will take a place on May of 2nd and 3rd . The patch is made on yellow fabric, it is custom shape. It shows the motorcyclist in a sling and wearing a cowboy hat riding a chopper. We could produce any … Read more

Orange County Choppers

Oval shape logo of Orange County Choppers ( OCC )embroidered at black fabric with orange and white thread. It is high quality small size arm embroidered badge with merrow border. Orange County Choppers (OCC) is a custom motorcycle manufacturer. They are located Newburgh, located in Orange County, New York,. It was funded at the end … Read more

We support BBRF

bbrf badges

We support BBRF for a few years. Another set of their cool patches was dispatched recently to Northampton UK . You can get one directly from The British Biker Relief Foundation website. Those patches are custom shape. Round part shows BBRF logo, the rocker part says MEMBER. They are all black background with black merrow … Read more

KTM and Red Bull for Bikers

Patches for the event sponsored by KTM and Red Bull. Both patches were available in different sizes and finished with professional black merrow border.

Custom Embroidered Patch for Trans America Trail

This is a special design patch custom made for Trans America Trail with a theme similar to that of the brand. The simple colour combination and theme makes the patch much more elegant with a professional touch. The silver text that is the logo of the firm with a bright background is a combination of … Read more

Description for Custom Embroidered Motorcycle Badge for Three Amigos

This is a customized back motorcycle custom embroidered patch manufactured by us especially for three Amigos. The detailed design of the patch depicts an eagle embroiled in fire that depicts the fearless nature of the rider along with the v-type engine of the motorcycle depicted in between. The detailed design which includes the font of … Read more