Sacred Alien – British Heavy Metal Patches

Embroidered patches can work as a great finishing touch on an outfit or uniform. The hours of skilled craftsmanship fully capture the image of a design or logo of your choosing, while the threads and stitches contribute a warm, homely vibe. It is a fine addition to any club or organization that bestows a sense … Read more

The Six Shooter Country Custom Patches

Patches are a great way to express not only your style but also passion and beliefs. It could also be a great marketing tool. The design could be anything from a miniature flag to brand emblems. Our company is dedicated to ensuring you get the best quality patches out there on the market. One of … Read more

Woodstock – Festival Poland 2018

Round colourful black background arm patches made for fan of Woodstock – Festival Poland also knows as Pol’and’Rock Festival . It is annual rock music festival inspired by Woodstock Festival. It is the biggest open-air festival in Europe. Attendance in 2014 was about 750,000. Police could not determine of crowd numbers for The Prodigy show.  It … Read more

St Michael & Angels Steel Orchestra

10cm in diameter, 500 items of those beautiful orchestra logo patches has been dispatched to London today. Those emblems are round with orange merrow border. The phoenix at the background with the text “SMA3SO Phoenix Rising” embroidered in white at the foreground. SMYP London has been running over 20 years and is based in the … Read more

Radio Sidewinder

It is a radio station for players of a space game called Elite Dangerous. Their patches has been just produced here.  They are almost round with a little piece of logo going outside of the circle.

Turbojugend Fosen

Local Turbojugend from Fosen have asked us to digitize and produce embroidered patches for them. We did it 🙂 Those patches are 100% embroidered. Background is made of red thread. Lettering is black and other details in beige. It shows a man holding a pint of beer. I hope you will like them. We are … Read more

Turbojugend embroidered emblems

We have produced some embroidered emblems of Turbojugend Karlstad – “probably the best Turbojugend in the world” . Those patches are rectangle shape, green background and white embroidery. They are finished with green merrow border. Turbojugend, also shortened to TJ, is the international fan club of the Norwegian rock band Turbonegro. If you are TJ … Read more

Über Röck-Kick Ass Rock N Roll

Are you an embroidery fan? Do you love awesome and high-quality patches? If yes, then Patchion is the right place for you. It ss the place where you can find countless patches with all sorts of motives and in various styles to best match your uniqueness. All products at Patchion are of the highest quality, … Read more