Custom Shape NSW Team logos

Do you know Roller Derby? The sport become very popular across the UK and USA and whole world too. Therefore, we had some patches made for players of that discipline. “Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating counter-clockwise around a track. […] Game play consists of a … Read moreCustom Shape NSW Team logos

Girls With Game patches

Two girls from Ireland, with a great passion for Football and everything related to it. They love to capture football products and training equipment in great detail and deliver unique videos on product reviews and tutorials. Check their youtube and instagram account. We have just produce some quality patches for them. Round with red merrow border. … Read moreGirls With Game patches

Chichester Falcons Softball patches

Custom shape emblems created specially for Chichester Falcons Softball club. The Falcons adult team was established in 2011 and plays co-ed slowpitch softball. Players are men and women aged 16-65. The team competes in the Solent Softball League, and regularly enters tournaments in the UK and abroad. Softball also called Indoor Baseball. Kind of baseball … Read moreChichester Falcons Softball patches

Polish Alpine Club Expedition 2010 – Muztagh Ata

Polish Alpine Club Expedition 2010 – Muztagh Ata This is a custom embroidered patch for mountain expedition, created by us for Polish Alpine Club Expedition 2010 – Muztagh Ata. The fine detailing, colour combination and flawless finish of the patch with the name of the club beautifully incorporated in it, itself substantiates our quality and … Read morePolish Alpine Club Expedition 2010 – Muztagh Ata

Euro 2012 Poland Ukraine

Official candidate logo. Poland Ukraine Euro 2012 Similar to collecting team jerseys, flags, and banners, official embroidered badges are a very popular football fanatics collector’s item. The Euro 2012 embroidered patches and themed badges couldn’t have come out any better. When UEFA announced the win by the joint bid placed by Poland and Ukraine to … Read moreEuro 2012 Poland Ukraine