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We are suppliers of weaved name Badges/Patches with great embroidery, hound labels, and military emblem. Patchion offers great estimating and astounding items. We offer Patches and labels that are the military spec for the U.S. Military including The British Army, Royal Air Force, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard. We likewise create name tapes for Law Enforcement, Public Service, Paintball Teams, ROTC, JROTC, clubs, eateries, seekers, or for anybody requiring custom name tapes.

Airsoft badges


The military style involved fixes essentially indicates what you are with the beautiful embroidery which will de designed in your specifications, this airsoft logo was intended for the military, and it includes a rifle and three lightning bolt around the rifle. The name was instituted by the daisy BB firearm Company to showcase a recently made BB weapon rifle utilizing plastic shots in spite of their typical metal rollers. The weapons can be arranged into three principal types: Spring fueled, gas (CO2, green gas), and programmed electric firearms (AEGs). The three lightning jolt encompassed by the firearms essentially demonstrates the three dimension of the Airsoft weapons accessible. The embroidery is a basic redone structure which keeps up only two hues: Black and Brown (the dark was utilized in the threading while the darker shading was utilized out of sight). The patch is custom shaped and comes with iron on or Velcro backing. Read more about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Embroidered Patch Backings.

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A beautiful design of Military style Raptor Airsoft patches with sleek embroidery specially craft with a rectangular shape and hot cut patches of Airsoft Raptor Team. The set incorporates three sorts of Emblems. It involved four alluring string work for the Airsoft of dark, yellow, white and armed force green as the background. We make great embroidering with a different pattern to suit your taste, our skills distinct us because we have the machines and also good with handy embroidering. Order now in large quantity.

Paintball patches


The logo above demonstrates the blade with orange wings at the best and the rifles by each side. The embroidering was designed in a custom manner and beautifully made for combat as the dagger indicates, There are two assault rifles pointed at the ground. Engraving weaved at the lace. It is a square shape, dark foundation, bear fix with marrow fringe. Embroidering consist of yellow, black, brown and an ash colour background which consists of 60% of the artwork. Patchion is basically known for quality. We confine on our customers’ satisfaction.

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United Kingdom Airsoft Community

Those round weaved/embroidering Velcro upheld identifications were made extraordinarily for UKAC – United Kingdom Airsoft Community. They are the dark backing with the lettering around. Its design shows Soldiers with weapons. This fix is unmistakable from a few others since it has its one of a kind redid hot cut outskirt shape with a custom fringe with an inconclusive shape that means a basic structure intricately, That gave the fix a complete and unique look. The particular shading comprises of dark, white, red, blue and cinder which makes up the united kingdom banner to give it the one of a kind plan. Embroidering design of the UKAC can be done in any shapes and design from Patchion.

UKAC Airsoft UK

About Us: Patchion UK offer quality ASG and Paintball weaved patches/identifications, which gives your garments that smooth plan and fittings, we are best in the business and prepared to get together with your demand, so send in your demand now with the custom depiction of structure you need on your identifications. Different types of embroidery decorate our products. They are usually hand embroidery, and sometimes computer embroidered reconstructions of old designs. This category gathers them all in one place.

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