Body Count – Paitball team patches

body count-8375Another run for Paintball players group. BODY COUNT FIRST FIVE embroidered patches. They are round, embroidered at olive green background. There is a logo of Body Count which is a skull at red shield. All patches finished with merrow/overlock border.

What Body Count talk about themselves ?

“Basically were a paintball team who have played for years and been messed about with our old teams over the years and thought we would make our own and start fresh.

Over the 6+ years we’ve all played we didn’t achieve much other than a little certificate here and there.

body count-8376We formed the team Body Count in May 2014 after our big weekend game “North V South” which is held at D.T.E Swynnerton (army training barracks). Made some brilliant contacts that weekend, and was noticed by the souths army general, Jay Garcia, American army Spec Ops. Asked if we would like to take part in his personal hunting team in the UK.

We went through a brutal 13hr intense training day, day and night. got accepted! His Teams are one of the best mag fed teams in Europe.”