TGP NOMINAL Science Fact & Science Fiction based Podcast

tgp nominal patches-8469Recently created embroidered badges were TGP Nominal emblems. They are cool shape of the planet with the planetary ring around it. There is a logo of TGP Nominal placed at the planet part. The logo represents the flying rocket, there is a part of planet and yellow sun. You will find 12 stars around it, 3 of them embroidered with bright gold thread.  “TGP Nominal ” inscription is embroidered at the blue planetary ring. The patch is navy blue background.

TGP Nominal is not just a podcast about  Space, Science and Technology. You can also get news from the world of Sci-Fi. They like to invite Space and Science Technology community to come on their board as guest or Co-hosts.

We really hope that patches produced by us will help TGP Nominal to continue the good job they do.

tgp nominal patches-8471