PHP Cubed space emblems

This colorful, high-quality embroidered patch makes a great addition to any jacket, hat, backpack or more! If you are a lover of logic, science, and space exploration this beautifully crafted patch is the perfect way to show off your personality and intellect! Use it to strike up some fact-filled discussions with like-minded individuals at space camp, your next robotics club meeting, or on your first day at work for ESA or NASA!

This unique embroidered patch is the logo used by PHP CUBED; A wonderful scientific organization that is dedicated to space exploration that wants to give you the opportunity to “Fly Your Thesis” with this incredible design! PHP CUBED, based out of the University of Brighton, gives Engineering Master Students the ability to compete to design, develop, and ultimately test their space technologies in a Zero-G aircraft!

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Here at Patchion, we understand how important it is to support the emergence of new technologies, especially these technologies related to space exploration. Contact us if you officially cooperate with the European Space Agency – ESA. There is a special discount for you.

The patch features the colorful and easily readable text “PHP CUBED”, as well as the names of the five lucky, intelligent, and visionary Engineering Masters Students who were awarded the opportunity to test their personal designs in Zero Gravity! Make sure you remember the names of Aeronautical Engineers Liam Ardagh, Matteo Pontecorvo, and Tom Critchley, and Mechanical Engineers Georgie Crewsdon and Alex Evans; They are sure to make great contributions to science!

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PHP CUBED is also dedicated to school outreach; So much so that they held a competition among school children to design this unique logo for their mission! This patch features playful starts and planets in a brightly colored, whimsical take on our galaxy! It even includes a rocket ship and satellites, as well as the flags of the countries from which the Engineering Master Students hail: The Italian Flag and Britain’s Union Jack! This design is so incredible, it’s difficult to believe it was made by a child! One day, this logo could very well be the first professional piece produced by the next Vincent Van Gogh!

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