Professional Embroidery Service for Science

Patchion has its services spread in the industry of science and technology, as well. Our product’s dynamic nature caters to the needs of a challenging organization like ESA and NASA. This was a remarkable achievement for us to cater to these renowned organizations. Their authorities have applauded our professional and up to the mark services to these organizations. Patches are a significant and necessary part of a uniform or any other object; therefore, we aim to provide premium quality patches. Science and technology have made an everlasting impact on the world. The identity of the people working in this field is made conspicuous by the monogram or emblem attached to them.

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Why choose Patchion?

Patchion aims to make an impact in shaping the contributors to stand out amidst the populace. Patchion believes that patches are not a symbol but a part of your identity, which is essential to conjoin your identity with the organization that you are a part of. Our services include providing customized patches as per your requirements. All the intricacies are taken care of while creating the design of it. Our production team focuses on every minute detail of the logo that has to be printed as a patch. To bring these patches to life, our company uses high-quality threads and colours which do not fade and last for a long time. Merrow/overlock border is also a part of the final touches of the product. All these treatments extend the life of the product and add beauty to its aesthetics. Our team is very conscious of the aesthetics of the design. We believe in creating aesthetically pleasing patches. Most of the experiments and researches have a high chance of dealing with dangers is part of the processes and mission of science, space, and technology. One such risk is the contact of workers with fire. Patchion produces fire-resistant products with threads and material that leads us in formulating a product that makes it science, space, and technology-friendly.

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We are Customer-friendly company.

We make sure to provide user-friendly products for organizations that serve and make an impact on the world. Patchion takes into consideration all the dynamics of a product and brings out the best of it. Our customer service is always available to address your requirements, complaints, or any changes that you would want to bring in the set logo. We not only look after our customers before the order is submitted but after as well.