Personalised Fire-resistant Emblems

London Fire Brigade Patches presentation. When you combine identification with safety, Patchion can meet all your needs. In designing our fire resistant apparel, we have left no stone unturned. That is why all of our Fire Resistant Emblems, Appliques & Direct Embroidery is created with Fire Resistant threads, fabrics, and borders. These products are extremely strong and durable, hard-wearing, and will withstand industrial washing. Fire Resistant identification products are typically used around the world for aeronautics, firefighters, fire brigades, motorsports, electricians or anyone who may work around heat or potentially flammable substances. Our top priority is preventing any risks of hazards for your safety.

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Technical information of Gunold Poly Fire threads
Gunold Poly Fire technical information

What should a fireproof badge be made of?

Our patches are a production of Embroidered Flame Resistant Emblems that are manufactured using Nomex® flame-resistant fabrics. There are other materials non-woven materials and hi-melt glue backings which holds a position on the flame-resistant chart material charts. The amalgamation of these components makes a fabric base, which is fire resistant. The properties compliment and keep close to the flame-resistant garments. Embroidered designs, with up to 15 colours, can be produced with either Nomex® flame resistant threads (FR2) or with standard 100% polyester embroidery threads (FR1), a less expensive, non-flame resistant alternative. The emblems are finished with a Merrow border, in harmony with the type of thread chosen – Nomex® or polyester. These moving of these materials produce a flame-resistant article making it feasible for everyone’s use.

Certificates confirming the quality.

Patchion’s visionary approach allows it to opt for a fabric that is certified to EN ISO 14116, EN ISO 11612 making it reliable for badge production. Its lightweight adds to its several qualities that a user can count on. The composition of this is 75% cotton and 25% polyester with a finishing layer of flame retardant. This fabric is all set to provide the consumers with a feeling of luxury. The softness allows you to feel comfort and ease. Another noticeable property of it is that it can control moisture and absorb it to some degree. The strength of the cloth makes it suitable and almost every utilizers favourite. Patchion uses this as this fabric along with its fire-resistant property and good quality has good colour retention. The patches produced on this will stand out due to the fastness of their colours. It gives us an opportunity to produce quality and brightwork for our audience.

Flame and Fire resistant products from Madeira
100% Aramid Fire Fighter embroidery threads and other flame resistant products from Madeira.

Here’s why you should choose Patchion for customised fireproof patches.

Our company considers the quality of products keenly. We use threads that along, with the fabric base keeps away from burning. Workwear of different fields has to be made with entirely flame-resistant material. Any negligence can cost us great harm; therefore, while creating logos, patches, designs, and lettering, we use Poly Fire from Gunold. This kind of thread does not let fire affect it easily. During the spinning process, polyester fibre is given a final coat of flame-resistant chemical protecting it from catching fire easily. The flame-resistant property does not fade away from washing, using, or wearing it on a daily basis.

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The intricate designs, logos, and patches are bright in colour, which instantly grabs the attention of the spectator. The companies opting for these have their logos highlighted, which serves their significant purposes. Firefighters, sportsman jersey, employees working in gas, oil, chemical industries require flame fireproof clothing, which is flame resistant in every possible aspect. Patchion is providing professional services for such durable and reliable fabrics along with catering your desired designs, logos, and patchworks. Employers should not hesitate in investing garments that reduce the garment ignition possibility. Moreover, items are made with these fabrics with designs tailored as per your choice for domestic use as well. Customised patches can be used as decoration pieces in the kitchen without having the fear of them catching fire.

Patchion assures its customers with high-quality fabric, durable products, intense and long-lasting colours, perfect logo design, and patchwork, fire-resistant, and flame retardant products. Our fabrics are reliable for use in any professional services where there is a high risk of clothes catching on fire. We make sure to maintain the standard quality of our products and keep the safety of our users as our prime consideration.