Logo of Sparco Motor Sports

SPARCOWho is Sparco?

Sparco is an Italian accessory and auto parts company based at Volpiano, Turin, Italy. It was founded in 1977 founded by two young Italian drivers, Enrico Glorioso and Antonio Parisi.

What does it offer?

Sparco is the leading producer of racing safety equipment. Their safety standards are restricted in order to minimize injuries during races. Among some of the equipment it specializes in are seats, steering wheels, harnesses, race wear, helmets and racing suits just to mention but a few.

Sparco Embroidered Patch.

Design and Durability:

The Sparco Embroidered badge is uniquely designed to look appealing, feel smooth and be durable. Embroidered from the finest fabrics of pure and high quality cotton thread, the patch is breathable, absorbent and tough. This is also supported by its high quality stitching pattern that boosts its robustness.


In addition to that, the patch is a smooth blend of white thread writing embodied in a blue thread-sawn background. This brings out finesse in the patch and completes it.


A signature finish of this badge is its square outline with monogram letters of Candara font as writings.

Thread layout.

The embroidered patch is back-stitched. This adds on to its smooth texture and helps bring out the glossy lusture it possesses, thanks to the fine quality cotton too.

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