Rey Diogo Scotland Peter Richardson

This custom embroidered patch, designed by Patchion, symbolizes Rey Diego Brazilian Jiu Jitzu School. Rey Diogo is the founder of a jiu jitzu academy in the US, where he teaches the combat technics of his master. Rey Diogo grew up in Brazil, where he was part of the Carlson Gracie jiu jitzu team. He moved to the US, and established his own academy, helping beginners achieve the black belt.

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The design of the round patch depicts an angry bulldog head pulling out his sharp fangs, and showing readiness to attack. The bulldog has a spiked collar linked to a metal chain that he manages to break free of, out of his rage and fury. The bulldog finds himself on a blue background. Also, the patch has two texts appearing above and below the animal’s head. Above, there is a customized text print that features the name of a combat team member. Lower on the patch stays the name of the jiu jitzu academy, founded by Rey Diogo. Both texts are of white thread, which creates an eye-catching contrast with the blue background and the gray bulldog.

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As all embroidered patches by Patchion, this one boasts a high thread density, which leads to a precise design of the picture. The tough stitching pattern ensures high quality and durability of the badge. The thread itself is made of cotton which combines robustness and softness. Thus, the patch gets smooth at touch, but at the same time provides high resistance. Moreover, the cotton patch is highly absorbent and breathable. This is also due to its back-stitched design that makes it more durable, smooth, and flexible. The fine fabric allows you sew the badge on different materials, such as: jeans, bags and capes. In addition, the patch is shrink proof and allows you wash it in the machine, without serious damage.