Reverse of the St Benedict Medal

As a way to make a piece of clothing or fabric accessory your own, you can’t do better than a patch. Choosing an embroidered patch adds the impression of quality, and they are more durable than other types of patches. This embroidered patch is made from carefully sourced components, it is robust, and the design is clear.

The St Benedict Medal is a powerful design and an important Christian symbol. The St Benedict medal is used as a reminder of faith. Specifically, it is part of the Catholic practice of calling on a particular Saint for their blessing and protection. Thousands of believers worldwide carry symbols from Saints they feel connected to every day. St Benedict is the founder of the Benedictine order of monks, but the insignia has broad appeal outside the monastic world.

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The St Benedict medal is believed to offer protection from curses, diseases and to help the wearer battle their vices. That could be why you are looking to wear it, but some people also carry it with them as a symbol to remind them of something personal. The embroidered medal patch is a round black circle with slightly raised white stitching to make the inscribed prayer initials and central cross stand out. The cross is prominent, and the lettering on the patch has a classic decorative font which is ideal in keeping with its traditional presentation.

The St Benedict insignia features a central cross with four circles surrounding it within a larger outer circle. It also features the initials of several essential prayers, so it is a way of carrying your prayer with you. Patchion is dedicated to helping you express yourself and carry significant emblems with you in your daily life, so the line of religious insignia patches are durable, visible and easy to attach.