Double Decker Bus

This small emblem was created for client Transport for London a few weeks ago. Red double-decker bus is very typical vehicle for London. You can see the bus  from the front and slightly from the left side. Customer wanted this bus to be more kids friendly so we decided to add a smiling face and … Read moreDouble Decker Bus


Heart shape embroidered emblem with the inscription “You My Chimichanga <3” . Chimichanga is a popular Mexican food (deep fried buritto). It has come to fame as Deadpool’s favorite food. Thanks to Marvel! Related Samples:Junior…Trike Week 2016Who…Euro…Double…Vintage…Sigillu…Custom…Embroid…TGP…Chip…Interna…

Another P2P badges

We have produced another bunch of cool P2P embroidered badges. It is TOR patch. TOR is a P2P network for enabling online anonymity. Our patch is violet TOR logo with an onion. It is embroidered at white fabric and finished with merrow border. It is 3 1/7″ x 2 1/7″ (8cm x 5.5cm). More about … Read moreAnother P2P badges

Bitcoin patches. Buy Now!

We have produced Bitcoin (BTC) emblems specially to promote this cryptocurrency. Those patches are 100% embroidery coverage with merrow border finishing. The border and background is orange colour. Center logo is made of silver metallic thread. Bigger patch is 2 1/3″ (6.0 cm) Small patch is 1 1/3″ (3.5 cm) Those patches are highest quality … Read moreBitcoin patches. Buy Now!