Emblem of Suffolk Sifter Detectorist

This elegant patch is a tribute to the Suffolk Sifter Detectorist, a UK-based metal detecting enthusiast known for documenting his adventures on his popular YouTube channel. The patch is an embroidered re-creation of the Detectorist’s logo, composed of a circular black border bearing the words “Suffolk Sifter Detectorist” in white text and an image of … Read moreEmblem of Suffolk Sifter Detectorist

Military Style Rainbow Unicorns

Display your team spirit and ferocious fabulousness with this beautifully hand-crafted, military-style embroidered patch. The image on the left featuring the emblem of the Rainbow Unicorn rugby team! Whether you’re a sports fan wanting to support your favourite rugby team or a die-hard unicorn-fanatic, this patch makes a fashionable addition to any jacket. Try to … Read moreMilitary Style Rainbow Unicorns

Nephilim Logo

Custom shaped Nephilim Logo. It is a dragon with widely opened wings. Patch is 100% embroidered with many threads colours used on it. Please contact us if you need your own custom embroidered patch. We will need 2 weeks to complete your order. Top quality and competitive prices guaranteed. See Patchion’s products:In…Patch…Custom…Vintage…Dublin…Patch…Who…Trike Week 2016QR code…Militar…USCSS … Read moreNephilim Logo

BoardingTeam GER SVK

Boardingteam is a club patch in olive subdued colours. It has both German and Slovak coat of arms on it and the text BOARDINGTEAM beneath. It is rectangle in shape and 100% embroidered with hot cut borders. See Patchion’s products:Sigillu…Embroid…Turboju…Detaile…Vintage…Star…Who…Custom…Pizza…In…Girls…Tae Kwon Do

Double Decker Bus

This small emblem was created for client Transport for London a few weeks ago. Red double-decker bus is very typical vehicle for London. You can see the bus  from the front and slightly from the left side. Customer wanted this bus to be more kids friendly so we decided to add a smiling face and … Read moreDouble Decker Bus

Girls of Leather

Girls of Leather – Inland Empire.  Rectangle custom embroidered patch. Black hot cut border. The patch shows 4 hands holding each other, two of them wearing leather gloves. There is a red heart in the middle section. All girls teams are welcome. Send us your logo. We will embroider it. See Patchion’s products:Plymout…Girls…Dublin…No. 303…Turboju…Custom…The Six…Tae … Read moreGirls of Leather

International Space Station – The Watchers

Highly detailed sky blue background patch with merrow border and the inscription: “The Watchers, International Space Station”. It shows the part of the earth seeing from space. There is the sun and stars at the back of it. The foreground ISS orbiting around. See Patchion’s products:Project…TGP…Interna…Radio…Bristol…PHP…USA-247…Custom…Rey…Tae Kwon DoWho…Descrip…

Junior GEO Let’s Rock

Large custom shape patch for all young fossils hunters. The patch inscription say “Junior GEO” using the red thread with black outlines. The second line of embroidered text is: “Let’s Rock!” made with yellow thread. Fossils located at the background just under the text. We can produce any high quality emblems you may need. Please contact … Read moreJunior GEO Let’s Rock