APEX 7 – High Altitude Research Expedition

Who will use these patches? The APEX 7 team comprises a dedicated group of medical students from the University of Edinburgh organizing a high-altitude research expedition to Bolivia scheduled for June/July 2025. The team includes David Geddes and Cameron Norton as Expedition Leaders, Anya Tan as the Head of Research, Colette Revadillo in charge of … Read more

Everest Base Camp Custom Embroidered Emblems

The best-embroidered patches often reveal an aspect of our personality or some form of achievement. We can wear them with pride on jackets and bags. Few come with a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction than a badge related to climbing Everest. Proudly Show Off Your Achievements Or Ambitions With This Bold Embroidered Patch. This … Read more

How to Customize Your CrossFit Workout with Embroidered Patches

You just finished an intense CrossFit workout and feel great; your endorphins are pumping, and you are covered in sweat. As you head to the locker room, you notice some fellow gym-goers sporting colourful patches on their workout clothes. These aren’t just any patches, though – they’re CrossFit Kelham embroidered patches! CrossFit Kelham is a … Read more

A Taste of American Football in Germany

On November 13, the Seahawks and Buccaneers will play in Munich, Germany, in the first regular season NFL game held in the country. While American football may not be as popular in Germany as in the States, that doesn’t mean diehard fans won’t be excited to see their favourite teams take the field. And what … Read more

Widows Sons Scotland – North

Patches are among the most versatile forms of expression. You can use them to customise your clothing and accessories in a variety of ways, from affixing them to backpacks to proclaim personal interests to wearing them as badges to show group affiliation. Embroidered patches perform these functions best, showcasing superior quality, workmanship, and durability compared … Read more

Emblem of Suffolk Sifter Detectorist

This elegant patch is a tribute to the Suffolk Sifter Detectorist, a UK-based metal detecting enthusiast known for documenting his adventures on his popular YouTube channel. The patch is an embroidered re-creation of the Detectorist’s logo, composed of a circular black border bearing the words “Suffolk Sifter Detectorist” in white text and an image of … Read more

Military Style Rainbow Unicorns

Display your team spirit and ferocious fabulousness with this beautifully hand-crafted, military-style embroidered patch. The image on the left featuring the emblem of the Rainbow Unicorn rugby team! Whether you’re a sports fan wanting to support your favourite rugby team or a die-hard unicorn-fanatic, this patch makes a fashionable addition to any jacket. Try to … Read more

Black Gold Mafia Patches “Sons of Coal”

This patch is part of back embroidered badges produced by Patchion.uk on request. It features the face of a mine worker with a yellow hard hat helmet on the head. On his background one can see an oil extraction plant, with an oil fountain on its top, symbolizing life, power and productivity. Centrally on the … Read more

Round Líl̓wat Nation logo emblems

Embroidered logo patches for Lil’wat First Nation. We made two types of emblems: with red embroidery and white embroidery. The Lil’wat Nation logo has appeared on a white background. The border is sewn with a white thread as hot cut border. Logo was designed by Johnnie Abraham back in 1981. In the centre the cedar … Read more