A Taste of American Football in Germany

On November 13, the Seahawks and Buccaneers will play in Munich, Germany, in the first regular season NFL game held in the country. While American football may not be as popular in Germany as in the States, that doesn’t mean diehard fans won’t be excited to see their favourite teams take the field. And what better way to commemorate the event than with a personalised embroidered patch?

An Embroidered Patch for Football Fans

An embroidered patch is the perfect way for football fans in Germany to show their support for their favourite team. Whether you’re a fan of the Seahawks or the Buccaneers or want to show your support for American football, an embroidered patch is a great way to do it. Patches are also a great way to commemorate a special event, like Germany’s first-ever regular season NFL game.

Patches can be attached to clothing, bags, or even hats, making them a versatile and stylish way to show your support for your team. And because they’re so easy to attach, they’re perfect for game day! So if you’re looking for a creative and stylish way to show your support for American football in Germany, an embroidered patch is the way to go.

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This Embroidery Patch Matters Because…

It commemorates a historical event.

This embroidery patch is the perfect way to commemorate Germany’s first regular season NFL game. It’s a reminder of a momentous occasion that NFL fans will be talking about for years to come. Plus, it’s great to show your support for the Seahawks and Buccaneers as they participate in this history-making event.

It shows support for the NFL’s international expansion efforts.

By wearing this embroidery patch, you’re showing your support for the NFL’s efforts to expand its footprint internationally. The fact that an NFL game is now being played in Germany is a big deal, and hopefully, we’ll see more international games in the future. This patch is a way to show that you’re on board with that effort and that you’re excited to see the NFL grow its global reach.

It’s a great conversation starter.

This embroidery patch is bound to start some conversations—and that’s a good thing! So whether you’re talking to other Seahawks or Buccaneers fans about the upcoming game or simply chatting with someone about your favourite team, this patch provides an easy way to start a conversation about football… which is always a win in our book!

It looks cool!

Let’s be honest—this patch just looks cool. It’s got a vintage feel but with a modern twist, and it’s bound to turn some heads when you wear it out and about. So not only does it serve as a great conversation starter and a way to show your support for the NFL, but it also looks great!


Whether you’re an American football fan or not, the first-ever regular-season NFL game in Germany is sure to be a historical event. And what better way to commemorate it than with an embroidered patch? Whether you’re a fan of the Seahawks or Buccaneers or want to show your support for American football, an embroidered patch is a great way to do it. So get your patch today and show your support for American football in Germany!

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    Merrow Border

    Merrow border – overlock

    Nice look professional badge edging.


    • Larger durability
    • Better aesthetics
    • Better looks from the side and front of a patch
    • Best possible protection against shredding
    • Hemming the edge with a decorative lace


    • Relatively thicker and wide bordering (width 3mm)
    • Higher price of a patch
    • Available only for simple shapes (rectangle, triangle, circle and simple shields shapes)

    Hot Cut Border

    Simple hot cut or hot knife edge 

    The edge is made using the same embroidery technique, which is used to embroider the design. Then the emblem is cut as close as possible to this edge. It is also finished off thermally (hot cut). It is necessary to straighten out and protect the edge.


    • Colour of the frame always ideally matches the whole design, it is made of the same thread.
    • Better look for smaller patches
    • Best solution for complicated shapes.
    • Thin bordering available (even 1mm).
    • Lover cost than merrow border.


    • Could occur impression of not finished patch from the side

    In most cases we suggest to use merrow border. You could always ask our staff for advice. We would be happy to reply all your questions.

    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Embroidered Patch Backings

    If you’re thinking about purchasing an embroidered patch that is custom made to suit your needs, you must first know what the most ideal backing material for your design. You also need to know the quality of the garment and the length of time the patch backings will last.

    Depending on the process, here are the three types of patch backing.

    1. Iron-On Backing with Heat Sealing.
    2. Velcro Backing with Hooks and Loops.
    3. Adhesive Backing with Stick-On or special adhesive.

    Before you make a decision, I will write down the advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them.

    Iron-On Backing

    When you use iron-on backing on your patch, you will only receive a temporary security, because it won't last long. This backing is ideal for ceremonial and casual clothing, but never uses it for any kind of exercises or training. They are mostly used to securely place the patch during the sewing process, so iron-on backing is not the best choice if you want to use it for your active lifestyle purposes.

    Advantages and Disadvantages:

    • Ideal for ceremonial purposes.
    • Avoid heavily worn.
    • Avoid frequent cleaning.

    VIDEO: How to Iron on an Patch

    Velcro Backing

    Velcro backing has two styles of the backing material. Hook-sided for males and Two-sided for both males and females. Hook-sided is the best choice when you need to change new patches frequently or other small adjustments like in the case of military and police uniforms. But if a loop fastener isn't attached on the clothing, we can use two-sided Velcro backing in the process.

    As in Iron-on, Velcro backing also has advantages and disadvantages:

    • More durable. You can remove the patches before cleaning so they last longer.
    • Greater Flexibility. The patches can be easily removed and reattached anytime.
    • The only disadvantage is because Velcro patches are attached loosely.

    Adhesive Backing

    The most popular and familiar kind of backing used for embroidered patches is adhesive backing. It's very convenient and the backing process is very easy. Today, this is the most ideal choice for short-term events. Adhesive backing is the best choice for one-time event, but it has its own disadvantage if you want to use for a long time.

    The advantages and disadvantages of adhesive backing are below:

    • Easy to use on any garment.
    • Ideal patch backing for a short time span.
    • Stay away when the patchwork is required to remain permanent.

    patch-attachBeacon Patch Attach is a special kind of glue that can offer an extra way to add patches onto clothing and garments. The glue joins any kind of fabric you may think of and there will be no need to sew. It is washable, non-toxic and can be removed easily when subjected to heat. Most important is this glue will keep your patches permanent.

    But among all of the methods above, the most ideal of attaching patches is by sewing them onto a garment. When sewn, the patch remains attached on the cloth for a long period of time. Experts claim that it can even last for decades.

    Having made a decision on the kind of backing you need, it is now the time to look for an expert to do all the necessary steps in designing the patches. Our business is specializing in designing the custom patches for any occasions that our customers will love. Reach out to us and we shall be ready to assist you.