In Memory of… POW MIA

In Memory of patch with American Eagle. Two wings of eagle symbolizing a flag of United States and POW MIA.

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For those who are looking for some quality embroidered patches to wear on your coat, jacket or another item of clothing, consider these POW MIA themed patches. Our site has many colourful patches, especially the “In Memory of POW (Prisoners of War), MIA (Missing In Action).” The patch includes two wings of the eagle. One carries the flag of United States and the other carries POW MIA’s flag.

Newt Heisley designed the POW/MIA logo in 1972. The POW MIA logo consists of black colours for the both the background and the silhouette. White colours were used for the letters and the graphic. This famous design includes a POW’s silhouette in the forefront and a guard tower in the background with some barbed wire. Located above the circular graphic, a tiny white star separates the acronyms, POW and MIA. The phrase, “YOU-ARE-NOT-FORGOTTEN” in white lettering is positioned below the graphic for balance.