Tae Kwon Do

tae-kwon-doIf you’re looking for some attractive Tae-Kwon-Do embroidered patches to emblazon on the sleeve or back of that favourite jacket or coat, consider this one. This gold embroidered outlines of the patch provide some bold, attractive visuals. Indeed, the words, “Tae-Kwon-Do” are positioned in the bottom 50 percent of the patch. Therefore, the national flag of South Korea positioned in the top left part. The South Korean flag makes up one-quarter of this eye-catching patch. This small rectangle patch is finished with merrow (overlock) border edge.

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The image of “Old Glory” takes up the top right part, giving a balance of representation for the national flag of the United States and South Korea. Both flags are integral parts of the design. This beautiful patch is stunning with gold, white, black, red and blue highlights. That sharp, Navy blue coloured background along with gold lettering of “Tae-Kwon-Do” embroidered on top can bring you a bold and proud feeling when wearing these quality embroidered patches.

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