Custom Patches Jedi News

Custom Celebration Patch for Jedi NewsWhat Is Jedi News?

Jedi News is a fansite which is dedicated to bringing the latest Star Wars news to fans in the United Kingdom. As a result, the site constantly updates itself to inform you of all the new Star Wars products, services, and events. At Jedi News you can find an overwhelming abundance of reviews and information pertaining to upcoming conventions, games, Legos, films, books, music, etc. The site links to many informative interviews, features podcasts which cover nuanced topics, and it provides a large quantity of tips on where you can find Star Wars apparel and assorted memorabilia.

A Bit Of History

The site first launched back in 2007, and it later merged with the team at Lightsabre in 2010. Consequently, it then collected the latter’s own vast stores of content, which date as far back as 1999. Today, the people at Jedi News offer an incredible wealth of accurate reports and thoughtful views. They do all the research so you don’t have to. At the root, they are Star Wars fans like you, and they are driven by a common passion for it.

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Embroidered Patches

The site recently celebrated a decade of tireless service. Accordingly, they have developed embroidered patches to embody that commemorative spirit. You can get them in shades of black and blue, in keeping with the theme of the site logo. Notably, the patches bear the circular emblem particular to Jedi News, underlying the site name itself. They are available in two types; one is strictly the rounded shape of the emblem. The other patch is longer, and it comes to a straight edge at one end. They have made use of that extra space. “Chicago 2019 Star Wars Celebration” is spelled out in that area and a lightsaber design is planted in the middle of the first two words. Both types of Jedi News badges finished with quality merrow(overlock) border.

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