Star Wars Clube Portugal

This embroidered patch is a perfect depiction of Star Wars Clube Portugal. The club badge is round and comes with a jet black background. Embroidered text with white threads in capital letters gives the symbols an even and a bolder look. The trademark within the patch gives it an original and official look. The green and red circumference merrow bordering the text demonstrates war and tranquillity. Overall the colours embrace the round patch increasing its visibility after stitching it anywhere.

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If you are a fan of Star Wars Clube Portugal or dealing in anything related to it, then this badge is a right choice for your personal or business needs.

This Star Wars Portugal Club logo badge is ready for purchase directly from the Club. Visit them and ask for the patch. If you are looking for any other star wars custom badges with different styles or characters, then feel free to send us your ideas. We will design and produce an embroidered patch of your choice.

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