Über Röck-Kick Ass Rock N Roll

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Details about Über Röck – Kick Ass Rock N Roll patches

One of the newly released products is definitely a treat for the hard rocker in you. Let us introduce you to your new favourite emblem produced by Patchion: The Über Röck – Kick Ass Rock N Roll.

This stylish black and white rock ‘n’ roll badge has what it takes to upgrade your jacket or a backpack to new heights. The fact that it has no other colours than the most basic two, makes it more elegant and easy to go great with any other colours.

Is there anything that could scream “HARD ROCK” more than bolts of lightning and a skull? We sure can’t think of anything more hardcore. The skull itself is a powerful badass symbol by its nature and to put it on top of 14 bolts of lightning just adds to the overall coolness of the badge.

The lightning bolts all cross over the inner border just slightly and enter into the outer area with the text, which adds a sort of 3D effect and makes the patch look even more unique.

“Kick Ass Rock ‘N’ Roll” text along the “www.uberrock.co.uk” separated by a just-right sized dot on each side wrap the patche’s outer edge perfectly. Not to mention the great popping effect of the text achieved by the white fabric on top of the black background.

The quality of the embroidery is impeccable and it comes with a merrow border finishing edge. This badge without a doubt deserves a special place on your rock style piece of cloth or just among your patch collection.