HM Coastguard – Search and Rescue

This special embroidered patch features a black background and a yellow/golden border, with the depiction of an embroidered helicopter in the middle and the legend “HM Coastguard search and rescue – Ecott Richert” in the middle. This patch references the “Her Majesty Coastguard”. They are section of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in the UK Region. Therefore, HM Coastguard is responsible for not only the search and rescue functions of the Coastguard agency but also for the organisation, mobilisation and tasking of proper resources to rescue persons in distress or risk or death or injury. They are working either at sea, on the cliffs or at the Shoreline of the United Kingdom. This beautiful, high-quality patch will work perfectly in the uniforms of the Her Majesty Coastguard service. Still, they will also look great in the jackets, pants and other pieces of clothing of all those fans of this public service that would like to show their appreciation for their sacrifices to the country!

Quality of embroidery details.

It is worth paying attention to the helicopter, which consists of a large number of small elements. Most of them are as thin as embroidery threads. It is thanks to the professionals designing patches at Patchion LTD that they have been able to reproduce the details of the red-and-white flying machine so well.

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