USA-247 aka NRO Launch 39 or NROL-39 patch

This beautifully embroidered patch is an absolute must-have for anyone who is a fan of outer space! And let’s be honest- who isn’t? Perhaps the only place more mysterious and less explored than the far reaches of our galaxy are the deepest waters covering our own planet. Either the designer for NROL-39’s logo took that into consideration, or they just sought to create the most ominous logo than any government agency has ever used!

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The logo, which features a giant space octopus seemingly taking over the world with the words, “NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR REACH”, may come off as a bit oppressive to most of us. In fact, there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the National Reconnaissance Office’s design for the NROL-39’s mission when it was unveiled, in light of the 2013 Global surveillance disclosures.

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A spokesperson for NRO revealed their logo had more to do with the octopus which represented extreme intelligence, versatility, and adaptability; Qualities which the NRO uses to protect the world from bad guys, no matter where they are. Others believe perhaps it is sending a covert message that octopuses are indeed alien lifeforms. Whether you see the octopus as mankind’s great protector or an alien being that has been sent to destroy the world and all of its inhabitants, this embroidered patch certainly makes a great conversation starter!

Close up view on the NROL-39 patch

This circular embroidered patch features vivid colours and clear lettering; Though high-quality craftsmanship certainly isn’t necessary to make this unique patch stand out! We have a huge selection of beautifully designed embroidered patches at incredibly reasonable prices, making it possible for you to deck out your favourite jacket, backpack, and more in personalized flair! If this rad alien octopus enveloping the earth with a soulless expression and horrifying slogan isn’t quite your thing, we have plenty of less threatening options available!

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Wear your individuality on your sleeve with this one-of-a-kind NROL-39 Mission Embroidered Patch! Use it to remind all of your friends that the government is always watching us! Or to meet others who share your belief that the giant space octopus overlords are simply waiting for their opportunity to emerge from their slumber and take over the world! When you display this incredible patch, you are sure to strike up plenty of conversations about government conspiracies, space exploration, and deep-sea creatures! You may even be able to impress them on your ample knowledge of the NROL-39 Mission and symbolism behind their terrifying logo!