APEX 7 – High Altitude Research Expedition

Who will use these patches? The APEX 7 team comprises a dedicated group of medical students from the University of Edinburgh organizing a high-altitude research expedition to Bolivia scheduled for June/July 2025. The team includes David Geddes and Cameron Norton as Expedition Leaders, Anya Tan as the Head of Research, Colette Revadillo in charge of … Read more

Mission Patches for Endeavour from the University of Edinburgh

Endeavour is a team of talented individuals from the University of Edinburgh passionate about space exploration and innovation. They are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and the Mini Maxwell Mission is a testament to their commitment. This project aims to design and build a miniature satellite to collect valuable data about … Read more

Project Chimera and Beacon from Lboro Space

This lovely embroidered patch shows, in the foreground, a lion with two heads and a snake tail in the silver and black thread; while the background displays a rocket and beautiful stars in blue and white thread. As a frame, in black thread with white words, we can read “Project Chimera-Lboro Space- MMXVIII”. This beautiful … Read more

PHP Cubed space emblems

This colorful, high-quality embroidered patch makes a great addition to any jacket, hat, backpack or more! If you are a lover of logic, science, and space exploration this beautifully crafted patch is the perfect way to show off your personality and intellect! Use it to strike up some fact-filled discussions with like-minded individuals at space camp, your … Read more

USA-247 aka NRO Launch 39 or NROL-39 patch

This beautifully embroidered patch is an absolute must-have for anyone who is a fan of outer space! And let’s be honest- who isn’t? Perhaps the only place more mysterious and less explored than the far reaches of our galaxy are the deepest waters covering our own planet. Either the designer for NROL-39’s logo took that … Read more

QR code as embroidered patch

Did you know that? It is possible to embroidered a QR code. You can try to read this photo with you mobile qr code reader. You can use such a patch as Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc) wallet address. We can even embroider your logo inside of this QR code. If you need custom … Read more

International Space Station – The Watchers

Highly detailed sky blue background patch with merrow border and the inscription: “The Watchers, International Space Station”. It shows the part of the earth seeing from space. There is the sun and stars at the back of it. The foreground ISS orbiting around.

Linux patch for IT maniacs

Small and simple “Powered by Linux” embroidered patch. It is white background rectangle patch with rounded corners, black merrow border. You can get it from our partner webstore. Visit Patchion.com for more badges of different Linux/Unix distributions or Computer Science patches.

International Astronomical Youth Camp

International Astronomical Youth Camp – IAYC ¬†is a few weeks long mid summer camp. What do they do? They promote knowledge of astronomy in a perfect way. ¬†Sciences subject in a unique international atmosphere. We made nice embroidered patches for them. Those patches are round 3″ in diameter. Red merrow border. You can see inscription … Read more

TGP NOMINAL Science Fact & Science Fiction based Podcast

Recently created embroidered badges were TGP Nominal emblems. They are cool shape of the planet with the planetary ring around it. There is a logo of TGP Nominal placed at the planet part. The logo represents the flying rocket, there is a part of planet and yellow sun. You will find 12 stars around it, … Read more