Awesome Emblem of Witcher’s Clan Drummond and more

In the world of the Witcher books, video games and – most recently – TV series, the focus is largely on the infighting Northern Kingdoms. One of these is Skellige, an island chain where influential families battle for supremacy. Of the many families, one of the most powerful is Clan Drummond. About Clan Drummond Based … Read more

Star Wars Clube Portugal

This embroidered patch is a perfect depiction of Star Wars Clube Portugal. The club badge is round and comes with a jet black background. Embroidered text with white threads in capital letters gives the symbols an even and a bolder look. The trademark within the patch gives it an original and official look. The green … Read more

Custom Patches Jedi News

Custom Celebration Patch for Jedi News

What Is Jedi News? Jedi News is a fansite which is dedicated to bringing the latest Star Wars news to fans in the United Kingdom. As a result, the site constantly updates itself to inform you of all the new Star Wars products, services, and events. At Jedi News you can find an overwhelming abundance … Read more

Patch of Cthulhu – fictional cosmic entity

Hot cut border,  round patch of Cthulhu game embroidered using metallic vintage gold threads. Patch shows a Cthulhu creature : half a dragon and half a octopus. It looks straight at you. Moreover, tangled octopus tentacles are ready to grab you. Cthulhu is a literary cosmic thing made by author H. P. Lovecraft. It was … Read more

QR code as embroidered patch

Did you know that? It is possible to embroidered a QR code. You can try to read this photo with you mobile qr code reader. You can use such a patch as Cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc) wallet address. We can even embroider your logo inside of this QR code. If you need custom … Read more

Linux patch for IT maniacs

Small and simple “Powered by Linux” embroidered patch. It is white background rectangle patch with rounded corners, black merrow border. You can get it from our partner webstore. Visit for more badges of different Linux/Unix distributions or Computer Science patches. See Patchion’s products:Bitcoin…Star Wars Clube…Custom…Yin Yang…Black Gold…Tae Kwon DoEmbroidered…Project Chimera…Euro 2012…Wild HogsRey Diogo…Plymouth City … Read more

Another P2P badges

We have produced another bunch of cool P2P embroidered badges. It is TOR patch. TOR is a P2P network for enabling online anonymity. Our patch is violet TOR logo with an onion. It is embroidered at white fabric and finished with merrow border. It is 3 1/7″ x 2 1/7″ (8cm x 5.5cm). More about … Read more

Custom Embroidered Patch for STALKER

This is a custom made embroidered patch for Ukrainian computer game known by the name of Stalker. These kind of custom made patches are our speciality as the uniqueness and the detailed nature of the design is never an easy task. The clear edges of our designs in combination with the detailed embroideries give a … Read more