Awesome Emblem of Witcher’s Clan Drummond and more

In the world of the Witcher books, video games and – most recently – TV series, the focus is largely on the infighting Northern Kingdoms. One of these is Skellige, an island chain where influential families battle for supremacy. Of the many families, one of the most powerful is Clan Drummond.

About Clan Drummond

Based on Scottish Highland culture and named after a real-life Scottish clan, Clan Drummond is known for their warlike nature and tradition of pillaging Clan Heymaey. For now, they rule the southern half of Ard Skellig and fight for total control of the island against Clan an Craite, their main rival and sworn enemy.

Another feature of Clan Drummond is, of course, their icon: the family is represented by the intertwined heads of three cormorants on a dark black background. When it comes to the insignias of Skelliger clans, we think it’s definitely one of the coolest, and that’s why we set out to bring it into the real world. We’ve done this in the form of a high-quality, custom patch.

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High-Quality Custom Patch

With our custom patch, we feel we’ve done the Clan Drummond insignia justice: our delicate embroidery helps the features of the three bird heads pop out, and the vibrant colours complement each other well, bringing detail and contrast to the aesthetic.

At Patchion, we use quality cotton threads ideal for creating intricate embroidery. For this patch, GUNOLD COTTY was used. They come in a variety of colours, including the various shades of blue and brown that make up the Clan Drummond insignia. Additionally, we use cotton cloth backing when making our patches, ensuring they are as durable as they can be.

Overall, we’re confident this carefully-crafted patch is so authentic that it would fit right into the Witcher universe itself! When creating any fandom-type patches here at Patchion, authenticity is our goal.

This patch will make a neat addition to your shirt, jacket, hat, patch board, or anywhere else you want to place it. Whether someone’s a fan of the Witcher or knows nothing about it, it’s sure to make a good conversation starter.

For any fan of the series or of the Skelligers specifically, this Clan Drummond patch is a great way to show off your Witcher pride, whether as a standalone patch or as part of your larger collection. Order your high-quality cotton patch today and get ready to show Clan an Craite who’s boss!

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