Embroidered Logo of Cheeky Neurons

What a perfect way of spread awareness about brains, neurons & epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a neurological illness that affects 1 percent of the people – most of whom are kids. But, online information that’s targeted at describing epilepsy to kids has been missing. That is what Nix and Nellie wish to modify. By helping kids and families know epilepsy at a fun and engaging manner we expect to have the ability to decrease the stigma and stress that’s often associated with the experience of epilepsy.

Nix and Nellie are smart, inquisitive young neurons who wish to comprehend the mind – particularly what is going on in the brain in epilepsy. Visit cheekyneurons.com for more information.

The patch is rectangle shape with merrow border. White fancy font of CHEEKY NEURONS inscription with a little neuron placed inside of “o” letter. Thank you to Mundi Plumarii Foundation for helping us to manage this order.