Project Chimera and Beacon from Lboro Space

This lovely embroidered patch shows, in the foreground, a lion with two heads and a snake tail in the silver and black thread; while the background displays a rocket and beautiful stars in blue and white thread. As a frame, in black thread with white words, we can read “Project Chimera-Lboro Space- MMXVIII”.

This beautiful embroidered patch is honouring and referencing “Lboro Space” (or Loughborough Space): a team of engineers, civil engineers, designers, computer scientists, rocket engineers and others… that work together to solve issues and revolutionize different areas that are part of the STEM field: science, technology, engineering and math.

The project this patch references, the Project Chimera, aims to create a special hybrid rocket engine from scratch that can be used as a low cost, more reliable engine on slags scale. This project started in the year 2018 and it has been going strong ever since, with promising results and regular updates. If you want to support Lboro space and their Chimera project, what better way is there than through this beautiful embroidery patch that displays their mascot? That way, if anybody asks, you will be able to tell them everything about this exciting group and their innovative projects!

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