Black Friday 2019

Patchion’s Black Friday 2019. Grab the offer until the last day of November. Tell or type this

code “BLACKFRIDAY+50%”

to the consultant. You will then get a perfect offer.  Don’t lose your chance of getting top quality items from Patchion for a portion of their regular price. Grab it today or before the end of November 2019. We add 50% of free badges for each order of 80 (or over) of identical personalised embroidered patches. Bet on an experienced company and best customer service.

For example: If you order 160 items, you get another 80 items for free. Total of 240 items. Just connect with us today via email or social media. Receive the best quality products within 2 – 3 weeks. Professional computer embroidery designers and artists will make your badge beautiful.

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Test the quality before ordering. We have a sets of free samples, they are ready to grab.