Black Gold Mafia Patches “Sons of Coal”

This patch is part of back embroidered badges produced by on request. It features the face of a mine worker with a yellow hard hat helmet on the head. On his background one can see an oil extraction plant, with an oil fountain on its top, symbolizing life, power and productivity. Centrally on the badge, beyond the mine worker’s face finds itself a waving ribbon with the text: Mafia. The text is written with all capital letters, which conveys attitude and power to the patch. The black letters create an eye-catching contrast with the yellow ribbon. The patch has also a curved text print that appears above the worker’s helmet. The print features the words: Black Gold. All letters are capital and yellow.

The general background of the patch is red. Like in all back embroidered patches by Patchion, the colours are extremely vivid and bright. This is due to the high quality and high density of the thread.

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