Euro 2012 Poland Ukraine

Similar to collecting team jerseys, flags, and banners, official embroidered badges are a very popular football fanatics collector’s item, and the Euro 2012 embroidered patches and themed badges couldn’t have come out any better. When UEFA announced the win by the joint bid placed by Poland and Ukraine to host the 3rd most popular tournament in Europe in 2012, I thought to myself “how on earth will the colour schemes of these two nations blend or match?” Poland’s flag and country colours are white and red while Ukraine, on the other hand, is yellow and light blue. However, much to my surprise, the colourful badge released earlier this year has a rather simple theme and look that couldn’t be more accurate. It relays all the necessary information at a glimpse and is actually very catchy and easy on the eye.

The badge is sewed on a green tufted material that almost resembles a football field. On the badge is an embroidered 2D soccer ball image that is majorly black and white in colour, Apart from two specific patches on the emblem that are blue/yellow and red/white respectively representing the host countries. The soccer ball is placed within a circular emblem that has a yellow semi-arc and a conjoining similar white arc. Below the circular emblems are the names “Poland Ukraine” embroidered over the term “Euro 2012” all in capital letters.

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The embroidered badge is absolutely stunning and I think the reason it is so captivating could be the rugged hand-stitch design used to embroider a representation of the flags of competitor countries. The idea of incorporating different country flag colours on the right side of this Euro 2012 embroidered badge is rather original and unique. It signifies how the hosts will be more than welcoming and hospitable towards the tournament guests regardless of their country of origin. The column has multiple colours that immediately pop out.For football fans looking forward to watching their favourite team in the Poland/Ukraine Euro 2012 tournament, then having this embroidered patch sewn onto your lucky jersey is a must. Place an early order of this and other customized sport embroidered patches from a supplier who knows what there is know about sports emblems. Visit Patchion today and take your fanatism to a whole new world.