Outdoor and Camping – Sample Pack


Check Patchion’s quality, touch embroidered patches from us, test it in a harsh environment. Order free samples of customised outdoor patches today. Improve your camp holiday with logo patches.



Are you a camp enthusiast or a member of a camp club looking for top-quality custom patches? Try Patchion LTD now!

The outdoor and camping custom patches of Patchion LTD features beautifully designed and intricately crafted emblems. We use only the best quality materials. Patchion LTD currently showcases three sample badges: 1) bonfire by a camping tent under the moon, 2) logbook and compass, and 3) Lilwat Nation. Looking at these sample patches, you will see how detailed the art is and how masterful the embroidery is on these stunning emblems.

In making these patches, Patchion LTD uses only the top calibre materials which can withstand the test of time and life, especially the exciting activities at camp. You can order these sample badges for your next camping event or submit your design to make custom patches to improve your overall camping experience