Deus Belli emblems


The Deus Belli emblem look looks great on uniforms, hats and shirts. This patch, made by E-patches, is an intricately designed using superior quality thread and fabric. The threads, which are bring in use for making this patch, are fade resistance, head proof, dry washable and very durable. The patch is made with appropriate thread count and design standards ensuring its longevity and quality. The accuracy and flawlessness in the design explain a lot about our efforts to maintain superior quality.
The material that is being used in this patch is untarnishable and machine washable. The material is flexible as well as durable and it stays smooth and does not get stiff after washing even after many washes.
Patch plays main role in creating an identity for a firm or organisation, therefore designing and quality teams take proper care at the time of making patch. When it comes to designing a patch, E-patches knows what to deliver clients as it is in this trade for more than a decade. This is the reason that we have become one of the prime companies in creating perfect quality items.