Patches of 1st Lockdown Anniversary

The Worldwide Lockdown due to Covid 19 counts down to its First anniversary this month. It’s a date everybody wants to forget but also want to remember through quality, well-stitched patches.
We have here our version of our portrayal of the Covid 19 tragedy through our circular patches. It will become a tradition from now on, from the first anniversary to the second anniversary next year, and so on.
Stitch our quality patches about the lockdown on your shirts, your jeans, your backpacks. It’s about remembering a horrible event that nobody wants to happen again in their lives or in the lives of future generations. These quality patches are also in tribute to the countless people who have dedicated their lives to treating and curing people who have been infected with the virus – The Frontliners. The medical practitioners, the military, the police – the people who have rendered unselfish duty in the midst of the pandemic so that other people may live.

These patches are just part of our quality collection of patches for all occasions and for all kinds of groups and organizations. We can create them all – quality patches representing your identity and traditions and making you proud whenever you see these patches anywhere you go. Wear them yourself or stitch them on your belongings. You give recognition to your profession or to your organization.

In these quality patches about the anniversary of the lockdown, it’s our depiction of how it looks like under the microscope, interwoven within itself, creepy, cruel and looking to give in to its narcissism, giving attention to the havoc it had created in our world.
These quality patches, stitched to your shirts, trousers and bags, make people remember about the horror that was and still happening today. What are we doing about it?

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