Patches of 1st Lockdown Anniversary

The Worldwide Lockdown due to Covid 19 counts down to its First anniversary this month. It’s a date everybody wants to forget but also want to remember through quality, well-stitched patches.We have here our version of our portrayal of the Covid 19 tragedy through our circular patches. It will become a tradition from now on, … Read more

Preschool logo emblems

Are you looking for colourful and quality preschool logo patches? Why don’t you try embroidery from Patchion LTD? Please provide us with the logo today, get your patches done within two weeks. Guaranty and free UK delivery included (we also post worldwide). Need free samples? Feel free to order them today.

Custom Embroidered Patch for California University of Pennsylvania

This is the custom designed patch for California University of Pennsylvania as you can see from the clear design itself. The red embedment along with the white background is something that can never be done with ease but still you can make out the perfection involved in the work with a single look at the … Read more