USCSS Nostromo

This picture is about the custom embroidered patch made especially for the USCSS Nostromo movie in two different versions of that of gray scale and colourful version. Both the designs are elegant in their own way and the detailed embroideries around the globe in the picture are a clear winner compared to the other designs.

Our designers at make sure that our clients get what they deserve and much more than what they are paying for. The hard work employed by us can be felt in the details of each and every edge of this patch that consist of a professional edge. Such is the clarity of the design that it is visible even from a distant place. The prices for these designs depend on the detailed stitches that a client desires in the logo. Movie custom patches should be designed in such a way that they interest the audience without giving away the complete plot easily, which is why we have been very successful in designing the same with ease.