Custom Roller Derby Patches

“Right from the very time I watched the movie titled “Whip It”. It has been a source of inspiration by Roller Derby. I was left dazzled and I haven’t fully recovered from its awesomeness. Left to me, Roller Derby empowers women and it is an engaging sport to watch! These women have created the pathway that future generations can, indeed, follow. Surely, more sporting options are now being provided for young women than just the regular skating or gymnastics. A strong link is formed by this females dominated sport as it creates a long-lasting bond as well as builds self-confidence. We have created several Roller Derby patches for a diverse number of Roller Derby team. Whenever I offer my assistance to these superb athletes, I experience deep-down within me an overwhelming “girl power”! I’m in awe of them!

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We always provide the best touch of designs and concepts to all our Roller Derby customers at all times; little wonder they always eventually become the favourite custom emblems we have created.
Although the custom Roller Derby patches are always feminine, there exist an advancement we add to each of them. Allow me share with you a few of the several custom Roller Derby patches we have created. Likewise permit me to let-loose of some options we do provide that will certainly transform your Roller Derby patches into an amazing result! One thing is sure, after you read this blog: Patchion will definitely have your Roller Derby stamp of approval!”
—– Joanna, Designer from Patchion.

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Our experience with roller derby patches

The first custom roller derby patch you see below is extraordinary! It was made for Plymouth City Roller Girls. This is a perfect example of what a roller derby patch should look like. The custom roller derby patch features two ladies, in simple dresses, skating on an icy rinkholding tightly to each other (bonding) while they enjoy the sport. It also displays a distant tower with a great height behind the ladies which symbolizes the Plymouth City. The embroidery is a simple customized design which maintains just three colours: red, black and white (The red and black colours were used in the threading, while the white colour was maintained as the background). We used 75% embroidery coverage. Round merrow border patch. What a great design!

The second custom roller derby patch you see below was created for NSW. This custom roller derby patch features a fully guarded lady skating with ease on the rink. It also displays a sizeable flower behind her. This patch design used 90% embroidery coverage on this custom roller derby patch and we used many different colours such as red, blue, white, green, black etc. This patch is distinct from several others because it has its own unique customized patch hot cut border shape with a custom border with indefinite shape that signifies a simple design in a complex way. That gave the patch a finished look.

The third custom roller derby patch you see below was created for a private person. It features the silhouette of a woman with skating footwear laying gently on the rink with her legs crossed. It likewise features a pink ball behind her. This patch design used 90% embroidery coverage on this custom roller derby patch having three colours only namely pink, white and black. The border of the patch is made customized to trace-to-fit the outline of the embroidery design.

Special options?

Time to speak of the part filled with the fun! Special options! When you have decided on your design and concept, the next in-line is to decide on the special add-on materials that give a “standout” quality impact on your custom Roller Derby patch while skating on the rink. We offer special options that will make your opponents distracted and also, entirely, jealous. We offer a range of special options starting from rhinestones to make your custom patch sparkle , metallic thread to make your custom emblem shine , glow in the dark threading to make your patch glow so brightly or neon threading to make your emblem pop with colour – it doesn’t end there! Whichever special option you choose , your custom roller derby patch will be sure to inspire a win! And will also unify your team.

Iron on, Velcro hook and loop and self adhesive backings also available from us. Stick your patch without sewing hassle.

So what do you say to these? We have go you covered as regards your embroidery patches designs, absolutely , don’t we? Let Patchion Patches lead your team to victory with a one of a kind custom roller derby patch!