The Proper Technique of Small Lettering Embroidery

small letters embroidered

Today’s embroidery technique has been computerized in all the process, from big graphics to the smallest details, particularly the small letters. Besides of its problem and difficulty in the production, there are some proper techniques to perform the embroidering small lettering. Simplification is not an option and unacceptable. Many of us think because of its … Read more

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Embroidered Patch Backings


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Embroidered Patch Backings If you’re thinking about purchasing an embroidered patch that is custom made to suit your needs, you must first know the most ideal backing material for your design. You also need to know the quality of the garment and the length of time the patch backings will … Read more

The National Trust patches – 100% donation for charity


We have produced The National Trust embroidered patches. Their logo (the oak twig) and “National Trust” are on a green background. Those emblems are finished with a green merrow border. They all have special iron-on backing so they can be attached easily. The National Trust charity “works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces … Read more

Good quality embroidery design favorable to the customer

compare embroidery design quality

Every day there are numerous questions concerning the quality of our products. Obviously, we always try to create products of the highest quality. Many people inquire into the characteristics of the high quality of our products. It depends on numerous factors such as a kind of threads and foundation, the way of stiffening or even … Read more

We support BBRF

bbrf badges

We support BBRF for a few years. Another set of their cool patches was dispatched recently to Northampton UK . You can get one directly from The British Biker Relief Foundation website. Those patches are custom shape. Round part shows BBRF logo, the rocker part says MEMBER. They are all black background with black merrow … Read more

Small details cannot be embroidered. Do you know why?

compare simplifications

The screen of a computer has its resolution as well as a felt-tip pen has its stroke weight. The same is the case with computer embroidery and we are limited by some sort of “resolution”. Primary importance is attached to the thickness of embroidery thread as well as necessary spaces between needle’s application so that … Read more

Blog start!

Hello I would like to announce that we just started our blog. I hope you will find here many practical informations about embroidered patches and customs emblems. Also sometimes something funny:) from our machine and threads world.  Follow it for promotions and sales too. Paul See Patchion’s products:TGP NOMINAL…Embroidered…Turbojugend…Deus Belli…Custom Shape…Yin Yang…Embroidered…Scottish…Who Dares Wins…HM Coastguard … Read more