Fifa 2010 Referee

Set of embroidered patches produced specially for FIFA. See Patchion’s products:X21 Radioactive…ExplorersAirsoft PatchesUnited Kingdom…HA Paintball…VintageChop…Bitcoin…Custom wedding…Flag of TibetPolish Alpine…Wild HogsDetailed…

Polish Alpine Club Expedition 2010 – Muztagh Ata

This is a custom embroidered patch for mountain expedition, created by us for Polish Alpine Club Expedition 2010 – Muztagh Ata. The fine detailing, colour combination and flawless finish of the patch with the name of the club beautifully incorporated in it, itself substantiates our quality and perfection. Need Custom Embroidered Patch or Badge? Fill … Read more

Euro 2012 Poland Ukraine

Similar to collecting team jerseys, flags, and banners, official embroidered badges are a very popular football fanatics collector’s item, and the Euro 2012 embroidered patches and themed badges couldn’t have come out any better. When UEFA announced the win by the joint bid placed by Poland and Ukraine to host the 3rd most popular tournament … Read more

Tae Kwon Do

If you’re looking for some attractive Tae-Kwon-Do embroidered patches to emblazon on the sleeve or back of that favourite jacket or coat, consider this one. This gold embroidered outlines of the patch provide some bold, attractive visuals. Indeed, the words, “Tae-Kwon-Do” are positioned in the bottom 50 percent of the patch. Therefore, the national flag … Read more


Round sport embroidered patches with full colour team logo embroidered. See Patchion’s products:Custom Shape…Euro 2012…Dublin Roller…Military Style…HA Paintball…Body Count -…Girls With Game…Who Dares Wins…Chichester…The Drop Inn -…How to…No. 303…