Emblem of Suffolk Sifter Detectorist

This elegant patch is a tribute to the Suffolk Sifter Detectorist, a UK-based metal detecting enthusiast known for documenting his adventures on his popular YouTube channel. The patch is an embroidered re-creation of the Detectorist’s logo, composed of a circular black border bearing the words “Suffolk Sifter Detectorist” in white text and an image of … Read moreEmblem of Suffolk Sifter Detectorist

Zero Waste at Patchion LTD

Did you know that throwing away your clothes can lead to tons and tons of clothing in a landfill somewhere in the UK? As if the fashion industry isn’t wasteful enough, making up 4% of the world’s overall waste each year, when individuals throw away jeans, jackets, and clothes that are perfectly fine, it’s only … Read moreZero Waste at Patchion LTD

Preschool logo emblems

Are you looking for colourful and quality preschool logo patches? Why don’t you try embroidery from Patchion LTD? Please provide us with the logo today, get your patches done within two weeks. Guaranty and free UK delivery included (we also post worldwide). Need free samples? Feel free to order them today.

2020 Christmas Schedule

It’s almost that time of year again! Christmas is coming. It is a busy time not only for us. Moreover, you can expect delays from courier companies and Royal Mail. The very difficult for most of us, 2020 year is almost at its end. We wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The … Read more2020 Christmas Schedule

2nd WAVE +50% offer

Lockdown is here again. We have decided to relaunch our Spring +50% offer. This fall, we will give you free +50% to your order of quality custom embroidered patches. How does it work? The same as it was a few months ago. Rules are clear and simple. We’ll add 50% of free patches for each … Read more2nd WAVE +50% offer