Patchion LTD supports Ukraine

We have been trying to support the people of Ukraine from the very first days of Russia’s brutal attack. By making high-quality patches with patterns referring to the national symbols of Ukraine, we not only support the morale of the victims but also popularize the blue and yellow colours of the flag in the broadly understood world of fashion trends. In addition, some of the patches by Patchion LTD use the trident – the coat of arms of Ukraine.

We believe that cultivating the symbols and national colours of the attacked country is a key activity that manufacturers of clothing and accessories can undertake.

Visit for more anti-war patches ideas.

The immediate start of the production of war patches goes hand in hand with direct charity work. We donate all proceeds from selling these patches to humanitarian aid on selected weekends. We believe that the direct and explicit form of money transfer is the most accurate; therefore, we do it using cryptocurrencies supporting International Charitable Foundation “Come Back Alive”.

In addition, we put up our patches on eBay charity auctions daily, where all proceeds will be automatically transferred to the NGOs.

We believe that our actions will improve the victims’ situation and the quicker end of the war.