Praise NHS workers with Rainbow Patches – 100% donation

The exponential growth of people infected with COVID-19 since last February caused a shortage of many medical products and resources. That has happened both in the UK and in the rest of the world.

Much of the region’s hospitals began to experience a lack of these resources. That began to generate despair and uncertainty in doctors, nurses, and health specialists. Therefore, from that moment on, Patchion employees began dedicating more than 100% of their time to manufacturing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We made surgical gowns, masks, and other medical resources. In this way, we have been able to help British hospitals and health centres by supplying them with medical resources.

Currently, the situation has been somewhat controlled. However, we are ready to continue helping and collaborating in this situation. The time has come to get down to work to make emblems.

We Provide Emblems with a 100% Donation to NHS.

We are the UK’s most valuable company in terms of making embroidered patches, badges, or emblems. As we have already said, we are also engaged in textile manufacturing, from which we have produced sanitary materials to help medical institutions.

This time, our goal is to collaborate to the fullest with the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS). It is an entity that bases its efforts on caring for patients and ensuring their health. In this case, we will focus on helping NHS Charities Together, which is an association belonging to NHS Charities.

This entity receives approximately £ 1 million a day from NHS charities and advocacy campaigns. All this to help the association to provide all the support to its patients and guarantee their health.

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How Will We Support Them?

We are always ready to help others and especially during the coronavirus situation. For this reason, Patchion LTD has decided to produce and sell rainbow clusterfuck patches to assist NHS. People will be able to find these emblems either on Facebook or preferably on eBay.

We take care of shipping these patches for free throughout the UK. 100% of sales of these products will be donated to NHS Charities Together. In addition, Velcro and iron backing are available for free.

In this way, we will help meet the objective of the association, which is to allow patients to have the best possible care when they need it.

Rainbow clusterfuck patches are limited edition products. That means only 50 units were made, especially to donate 100% of sales to NHS.

We must continue fighting this disease to get out of this situation together.