Production of Medical Resources Against COVID-19

Every day the number of people infected and killed by COVID-19 is increasing more and more both in the UK and worldwide. The British Government claims that the virus has affected between 5,000 and 10,000 people.

The affected numbers increase every day. That has caused uncertainty, tension, exhaustion and, above all, concern among hospital professionals. Health specialists, doctors, nurses and more are beginning to worry about the lack of material resources in hospitals.

Due to this dire situation, Patchion has decided to start manufacturing and producing medical clothing to fill the lack of essential equipment in British hospitals. Each member of our work team is focusing their efforts on the production of all kinds of resources such as hospital clothing, surgical gown, surgical overalls, medical aprons and more.

We want to convert our textile manufacturing, embroidery and patch capacity to the production of sanitary material. We are ready to work with the support of the people. People can help us by bringing fabrics used in the medical industry to be used in the manufacture of medical clothing.

Our Objective

We will help medical personnel and work teams located in hospitals with a lack of necessary equipment. The scarcity of these resources in medical institutions is a cause for concern for health personnel and the families of those affected.

At Patchion LTD, we have dedicated computer embroidery machines as well as industrial sewing machines. Our expert employees in the handling and control of these machines are already available and ready for the manufacture and production of essential medical equipment in emergencies.

Our Priority?

We have been able to adapt our production to sewing the necessary medical equipment such as surgical gowns and overalls and medical aprons since we consider them as the essential products. Similarly, we plan to shortly adapt our industrial plant to produce and manufacture antibacterial masks. We think that it is a crucial component to prevent and fight against COVID-19. Our production manager is just checking and confirming all certificates and medical approvals.

The effort we are making at Patchion is for the health of each of the citizens. Because the life of each person is the most important thing. We will manufacture the necessary essential equipment and deliver it to British hospitals as quickly as possible.

Additionally, our offer includes cotton, streetwear type masks for the general public. They are available via website.

How Can You Join?

You can also be part of this process to help hospitals and people. If you have fabrics used in the medical industry, do not hesitate to bring them as they will serve to produce necessary hospital protective clothing.

What about embroidery service?

We are still making custom patches, even during such difficult days. Do not hesitate to send your logo. We will provide a quotation as usual within 2 or 3 hours. You will get your products dispatched within 10 working days after confirming sample or design.