We are BMABA official embroidery supplier

We are official supplier of embroidery and embroidered patches for The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association. Patchion UK creates identity, through embroidered patches that they provide to organisations, clubs, and businesses. One of the customers of Patchion UK is the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association. BMABA is a multi-functional organisation that promotes the … Read moreWe are BMABA official embroidery supplier

Short History of Embroidery

Most of the team at Patchion.uk spend many hours every day in front of computers or computer-controlled embroidery machines. All the machines work using 230V power supply, there are displays, controllers, actuators and buttons connected with each other with the use of modern technology. It’s not easy to operate all the machines. It was Chris … Read moreShort History of Embroidery

Melita Berg uses our custom products

Who is Melita Berg? Melita Berg is a designer, illustrator, and letterer who has been featured in Digital Arts and is additionally endorsed by POSCA. Under the mentorship of the superb Luke Tonge, Melita has amassed an impressive portfolio, with some of her most fascinating works being intricate hand-drawn lettering and illustrations, calligraphy for Paco … Read moreMelita Berg uses our custom products

Custom Roller Derby Patches

“Right from the very time I watched the movie titled “Whip It”. It has been a source of inspiration by Roller Derby. I was left dazzled and I haven’t fully recovered from its awesomeness. Left to me, Roller Derby empowers women and it is an engaging sport to watch! These women have created the pathway … Read moreCustom Roller Derby Patches

Christmas Schedule

It’s almost that time of year again! Christmas is coming. It is a busy time not only for us. Moreover, you can expect delays from courier companies and Royal Mail. The information below will give you recommended order dates for custom patches. Do not miss this date if you want your order to be delivered … Read moreChristmas Schedule

Glow in Dark/Phosphorescent patches

What a great thread. It glows! It is our new product – phosphorescent embroidered patches. The type of photoluminescence, also related to fluorescence called phosphorescence is a technology behind it. Our new threads absorbs the light and than re-emit it for a few minutes. There are many of everyday examples of phosphorescent materials. You can … Read moreGlow in Dark/Phosphorescent patches

We are 3D ready

We are now ready for 3 dimensional embroidered patches. Check our service and quality. Provide us with your image today, get 3D emblems within two weeks. Get your items produced in Europe and delivered from Poland or United Kingdom . See Patchion’s products:Mission…HM…Woodsto…The…Custom…St…Euro…Tae Kwon DoPolish…Double…Motorcy…Round…